6:30 PM18:30

Telling Our Birth Stories: A Monthly Sharing Circle


Come share and witness the birth stories of your community in a safe, confidential circle. We will sit in council, laugh and grieve together. Come as you are. After we close our circle, tea and refreshments will be served. This is a free event -- donations accepted. Babies in arms welcome. See you there.

*Please note: this is an inclusive circle, open to any person that has personally given birth or been pregnant, regardless of your gender or identification. All birth stories (including miscarriage, still-birth, etc.) are welcome and invited, regardless of when they occurred.

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6:00 PM18:00

Community Pregnancy Circle

Sitting in circle allows us to share in a deep and intimate way what is on our hearts and minds in a safe and intimate container. During pregnancy, to speak our truth in a confidential collective can be empowering, healing and insightful. After we close our circle, refreshments will be served. 

Babies in arms/lap babies welcome. 

This is a free event.

*Please note: this is an inclusive circle, open to any person that is pregnant, regardless of your gender or identification. 

You can RSVP at www.matrescencedoula.com/circles-and-classes or email info@matrescencedoula.com if you have any questions.

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Transformation In The Pregnancy Journey
10:30 AM10:30

Transformation In The Pregnancy Journey

A day of delving into our wisdom as womb-keepers and tenders of our future generation.

Join us for a collaborative day of exploring the power and potential of pregnancy and child-birth.  Pregnancy can be the most potent time in a person’s life for transformation and empowerment.  In a culture that has forgotten pregnancy and birth as Rites of Passage, let us reclaim our true potential to walk through these journeys with sacred intention.  We’ll explore tools to access and deepen our intuition through group play, art, and ceremony. 

Topics will include:

Tapping our Intuition

Altered (Brain Wave) States

Tools for navigating empowered collaboration with caregivers

Facing  Fear


Wise-Woman steps to healing

The Holistic Stages of Labor

This event welcomes all pregnant people, those intending to become pregnant, mothers with babes in arms, and birth workers.  Facilitated by Madison Cheshire

Cost: $40-50 sliding scale

Participants can bring lunch or purchase a home-made organic lunch from The Mother's Center for $10.

To Register for this event send an email to: MidwifeMadison@gmail.com

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