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Madison Cheshire is a home birth midwife and massage therapist Serving Boulder, Nederland, Lyons, Longmont and surrounding areas. Our midwifery offering takes a holistic approach to support a mother’s journey through the transformative process of childbirth. Our midwife services include prenatal care, routine lab work, on-call support, home birth including water birth, and postpartum care. We also offer placenta encapsulation, birth doula services and vaginal steams.

Wildflower Healing Arts also offers massage therapy for both mothers and everyone else looking for relaxation and healing of the body and mind. Our massage services include craniosacral therapy, deep tissue, swedish, myofascial release, cupping, junior and senior massage and even pet massage.

Madison’s unique combination of skills also allows Wildflower Healing Arts to offer prenatal and postpartum massage therapy. A midwife is intimate with the unique challenges that pregnancy can present, and offering massages in both prenatal and postpartum times helps to ensure that the mother’s body is as healthy and relaxed as possible for the birth process and to restore after the birth.

The name WildflowerWise came in a dream in 2012, just as I was beginning my path as a birth worker.  The wildflower is a wonderful metaphor for birth.  A flower doesn't need to be shown how to bloom.  All of nature, including our earthly human bodies, are intrinsically endowed with the wisdom to  carry life forth.  

Like wildflowers, humans undergo a process of 'ripening' and preparation before we reach fruition - whether blooming or birthing.  Pregnancy is the brilliant process  that prepares our bodies to birth and our babies to be born.

All that we need to give birth is already within us.  Our bodies hold the blueprint of thousands of generations, each of which gave birth the way wildflowers bloom, with deep body-knowing and fine-tuned physiological design.

There are factors that will affect how easily and effectively we are able to birth.  Atmosphere matters immensely.  I have seen that all people birth with greater ease in the setting where they feel safest, and among supportive and encouraging beloveds.  For this reason I am passionate about midwifery care - an option that  offers people the opportunity to develop a deep and trusting relationship with themselves, their support team, and their birth attendant, each of which will serve them well in their most intimate and important moment of bringing life into the world.

Birth is the great unifier - the experience that absolutely everyone has in common.  You are not alone!  I invite you to  contact me to explore the possibilities of collaboration!

"There is a difference between picking ripe fruit, and letting it fall gently into your patiently waiting hands. The latter is the true Art of Midwifery" – Unknown

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Pregnancy is an opportunity for radical self-transformation.  Birth is a rite of passage into motherhood and beyond.  The postpartum period is a time of sacred reintegration.  Throughout history the midwife has walked through these phases in the childbearing continuum with mothers and families in the role of support, advocate, and guardian.

Body Knowing. Heart Wisdom. Self-Directed Birth.


Madison Cheshire is a home birth midwife, massage therapist, and placenta encapsulation specialist offering prenatal and postpartum massage in Boulder, Lyons, Longmont and surrounding areas.