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A midwife must have the eyes of a hawk, the heart of a lion, and the hands of a lady
— Aristotle

Being a birth keeper means being a guardian of natural birth.  I first began on the birth path in 2011 to do just that.  My first training was through DONA to be a birth and postpartum doula.

My first midwifery education was steeped in the deep spirit and rich traditions of soul-level midwifery.  My teacher at The Matrona fused science, spirit, and practicality seamlessly into an awe-inspiring  tapestry, both deeply human and Divine.  I emerged transformed and inspired to facilitate families through the transformative process of growing new life and bringing it into the world.  I believe that part of being a midwife is to guide people toward harnessing the exceptional opportunity for self-transformation present within pregnancy.  If accessed, this potential holds the keys to navigating one's labor and birth with strength, focus, and purpose.

In 2013 I began an apprenticeship with a midwife of 20 years in a rural Colorado home birth practice in the high Rockies.  During that time, I was blessed to witness several first-time mothers birth with deep grace and determination.  The midwife who was my preceptor also worked within the Mennonite communities, so I found myself present at the births of a 6th and even a 13th baby!  I  was humbly reminded again and again that often my role is to simply learn from the opportunity to sit at the feet of birth as a witness.  Birthing people are the true birth experts, and it is a privilege to be able to attend them.  The midwife I worked with imparted to me a great deal of learning, but bearing witness to birth has always been my greatest teacher.

After that apprenticeship, I moved to El Paso, Texas, to attend one of the highest-volume birth clinics in the country.  The birth-center is also an Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC)-Accredited midwifery school, meaning the program provides ample experience with all of the required skills for licensure as a direct-entry midwife, including more than 2,300 hours in the clinic and 120 academic classroom credits. The birth center was an amazing opportunity to experience many natural, normal births, as well as some with complications.  I learned and practiced in-depth how to handle emergency situations and how to recognize signs of a problem (and respond to them) long before they become serious.  This extremely intense, hands-on experience became the perfect compliment to my earlier spirit-based training, and prepared me to navigate a home birth practice with confidence.

In 2015 I passed the exam administered by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) and earned the CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) credential.  I am deeply grateful for each opportunity that has led me to my offering and true work in the world.

Trainings and Experience:

I hold current certifications in the following:

  • CPM credential (Certified Professional Midwife through NARM)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)
  • Adult/Infant CPR training
  • IV training


  • Total attendance at more than 140 births. Primary attendance at more than 44 births.  These include home, birth center, and hospital births as a midwife, doula, and midwifery assistant/apprentice.


  • Graduate of Maternidad La Luz MEAC Accredited Midwifery Program- El Paso, TX 


  •  Homebirth Midwifery Apprenticeship (1 year)- Steamboat, CO
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Certified- Karen Strange- Colorado Springs
  •  Suturing Workshop- Louana George-  Denver, CO


  • Homebirth Attendance-  Boulder, CO area
  • Full-Circle Placenta Encapsulation Training-  Colorado Springs, CO
  •  SQUATFest Birth Conference-San Francisco, CA


  •  The Matrona:  Holistic Midwifery Immersion (400 hours)-  Asheville, NC
  • Volunteer Doula at Mission Hospital-  Asheville NC
  • Member of Asheville Hositic Birth Collective
  • Herbalism Module of The Matrona
  • Co-Founder of The Boulder Doula Project Boulder,CO


  • DONA Birth and Postpartum Doula training-  Louisville, CO


How does a wildflower know how to bloom?

The name WildflowerWise came to me in a dream years ago, just as I was beginning to walk this path as a birth worker.  The wildflower is a wonderful metaphor for birth.  A flower doesn't need to be shown how to bloom.  All of nature, including our earthly human bodies, are intrinsically endowed with the wisdom to  carry life forth.  

Like wildflowers, humans undergo a process of 'ripening' and preparation before we reach fruition - whether blooming or birthing.  Pregnancy is the brilliant process  which prepares our bodies to birth and our babies to be born.

All that we need to give birth is already within us.  Our bodies hold the blueprint of thousands of generations, each of which gave birth the way wildflowers bloom, with deep body-knowing and fine-tuned physiological design.

There are factors that will affect how easily and effectively we are able to birth.  Atmosphere matters immensely.  I have seen that all people birth with greater ease in the setting where they feel safest, and among supportive and encouraging beloveds.  For this reason I am passionate about midwifery care, an option that  offers people the opportunity to develop a deep and trusting relationship with themselves, their support team, and their birth attendant, each of which will serve them well in their most intimate and important moment of bringing life into the world.

Birth is the great unifier - the experience that absolutely everyone alive has in common.  You are not alone!  I invite you to  contact me to explore the possibilities of collaboration!

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"When mothers step forth to reclaim their rightful place as givers of birth and life, so too shall the world reclaim it's righteous balance"