Placenta Encapsulation

Why Encapsulate?

In the animal kingdom ALL birthing mammals eat their placentas immediately after giving birth (with the sole exceptions of the dolphin and the camel). Many parents today continue this cycle of being nourished by the placenta in the postpartum time by having their placentas encapsulated. The practice of humans ingesting the placenta after the birth spans many cultures throughout the world and history. The modern method of encapsulation is derived mainly from a newer interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The postpartum period is strenuous for many reasons. The new family is challenged with a lack of sleep, major hormone fluctuations, and the process of physical healing, as well as the constant responsibility of caring for a new life and family.

How can your placenta help?

1)Better Bonding

High levels of Oxytocin are contained in the placenta. This is the 'love' hormone primarily responsible for the bonding of new families. It's effects also promote a sense of well-being and diminish the sensation of pain.

2)Less postpartum blood loss

Our superstar hormone Oxytocin is also responsible for the contractions that bring the baby into the world, as well as helping the womb to clamp down in the postpartum period. Higher levels of Oxytocin not only mean better bonding, but also a quicker cessation of bleeding in the weeks following the babies arrival.

3)Higher Energy Levels & Natural Mood Enhancement

The placenta is rich in Vitamin B6 which boosts energy as well as enhances mood. Many families report their placenta capsules helping with the ‘baby blues’ and preventing symptoms of postpartum depression.

4)Replenishment of Iron

The placenta is rich in Iron, a main building block for creating new red blood cells. This may help the mother’s body heal more quickly, and combat fatigue, as well as help with breast milk production.

Your encapsulation package will include:

  • Placenta Pills

    • 80-125 pills in Size 00 organic capsules

  • Placenta Print:

    • A keepsake that, like a fingerprint, maps the vein structures of the baby side of the placenta.

  • Cord Keepsake:

    • The umbilical cord dried into a spiral

Placenta Encapsulation Package: $200.

  • Package includes pick-up and drop-off within the Boulder/Longmont area.

  • Sliding Scale may be available when needed upon request.

Optional Services:

  • Placenta Tincture ($20): The longest-lasting way to access the nutrients and magic of your placenta. The placenta is extracted in alcohol. This tincture, if stored correctly, may preserve the beneficial components of the placenta indefinitely. You can save it to take when your menses returns postpartum, or even to take during menopause!

  • Placenta Readings ($20): The placenta is the only thing that is genetically exactly ½ baby and ½ parents! It can be seen as a map of the child’s life, read in a similar way to how one intuitively and skillfully reads the lines on your palm. This can be a collective activity between your family and myself!

**Please Note that while many families I’ve worked with personally have attested to the efficacy of ingesting their placenta capsules, there is currently a lack of research to definitively demonstrate the effect of placentophagy (eating one’s placenta). The components of the placenta that are listed above are known to be in the placenta in utero.

A placenta print of the baby’s side of the placenta. Many consider the veins to look like the “Tree of Life”.